The Best 3 Access Control Methods For Your Industrial Business

Most industrial businesses use very expensive equipment that they want to restrict access to in order to ensure that only those individuals with the right training and expertise are around said equipment. Many industrial businesses also have trade secrets that they don't want others to access. If either of the two statements above describe your industrial business, you are going to want to use an access control method to protect access to your business. Here are three access control methods that help you protect your business interests.

#1 Keypads & Biometric Scanners

For central areas of your business, where you only want to allow specific employees access to those areas, the two best access methods to use are keypads and biometric scanners.

You can set up keypads that require your employees to enter a specific code into the pad to gain access to that area of your business. For your keypad to remain effective, you'll want to change the code on a regular basis. For maximum security, you can have a keypad installed that requires one to swipe the right employee badge as well as enter the right code; this increases the overall security.

If you really want to make sure that only select people enter a certain area of your business, you can install a biometric scanner. These scanners are designed to either scan one's fingerprints or eye in order for the area to become unlocked; they can even be designed to require both one's fingerprint and an eye scan.

#2 Swipe Cards

For the main entrance to your business, you can use swipe cards. Employees will not even be able to enter your business without a swipe card. You can install swipe card readers on internal rooms within your industrial business complex so that you can keep track of who enters and uses different areas of your business and at what time. This can help you better monitor employee movement.

#3 Video Cameras

Finally, the third way to protect the security of your business is with video cameras. If you have a lobby that is opened to the public, you can make it more secure by setting up a speak or buzzer system so that individuals are only allowed to enter if they are buzzed in. Once someone has entered the lobby, video cameras can record all movements and interactions. All doors from your lobby into the interior of your business should require a swipe card or for one to be buzzed inside in order for a visitor to enter your business beyond the lobby.

You can also set up video cameras near all entrances to your business to ensure that the right people are using the swipe cards and to make sure that no one ever gains unauthorized access to your business.

Keep your industrial business practices, trade secrets and equipment safe by utilizing a combination of the security methods discussed above.