Three State-Of-The-Art Security Features You Should Consider

Home security has come a long ways from the days when a bright porch light, a strong deadbolt, and perhaps a big dog in a fenced yard were considered the ultimate in home protection. Technology has changed our lives for the better in a variety of ways, and options concerning home security are no exception. Perhaps best of all, we now have the ability to custom-design our own security systems to meet the personal needs and preferences of our households. Following are three state-of-the-art security options that you should consider. 

Keyless Doors

Losing your house keys is a situation that ranges from inconvenient to dangerous. Even for those who don't necessarily live in high-crime areas, being seen fumbling outside your door late at night isn't the safest scenario. Hiding keys outside in case household residents lose their keys isn't the safest course of action either because thieves routinely search under flowerpots, doormats, and other traditional hiding places. A lock that is activated by a fingerprint, however, allows you and family members to always have access. This also decreases the chances of house keys somehow falling into the wrong hands and being used to gain illegal access to your home. 

Fully Monitored Systems 

A fully monitored alarm system alerts local law enforcement of break-ins, fires, or other unusual and illegal activity at your home. If you and other family members are routinely away from home for long periods of time due to employment and education obligations, these systems provide protection even when household residents aren't around to call the police or fire department. They're also good for those who travel frequently, as well as parents with teenage children who may be home alone during the afternoon after school lets out. 

The Ultimate Remote Control 

Not only can state-of-the-art security systems alert local law enforcement agencies or private security companies to possible illegal or dangerous activity occurring on your home or property, but they can allow you to personally monitor what's happening on the homefront from a remote location, such as your office or hotel room, while you're on vacation. Using your smartphone, you can see exactly what's going on outside and inside your house. You can even lock doors and windows from your phone. If you've got children or elderly loved ones living in your home, this technology will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind.

For more information on how the right security system can enhance your quality of life by keeping household residents and property as safe as possible, please feel free to contact a local home security company like Hook Line & Cable Securities at your earliest convenience.