Ask Your Security Company’s Guard To Perform These Checks During Each Visit

While a home security system with cameras, motion detectors, and sensors on your doors and windows can keep your home secure whether you're home or away from home, many security companies also employ a team of security guards who can further increase your security. Depending on the package you pay for, part of the service provided by the company might be to dispatch a guard to drive past or walk around your home when you're away on vacation. You can speak to your security company about this important job and ask for the guard to make the following checks upon entering your property.

Check Your Shed

You can count on the security guard inspecting your doors and windows to ensure that no one has tampered with them, but it's important to alert the guard to the presence of your backyard shed if you have one. Even a small shed can hold a significant number of expensive tools and equipment, so ask that the guard takes a walk around it to ensure that it's still locked, that any windows are still intact, and that there are no signs that anyone has interfered with the structure.

Assess Signs Of Any Visitors

You should also ask that your security guard assesses whether it appears that someone has visited your property in your absence. The ability to do so largely depends on the season, but can be valuable. For example, in the winter, the guard can note whether there are any fresh tire tracks in the snow on your driveway. The guard will know the date that you left on vacation, so he or she will be able to assess whether there has been a fresh fall of snow since you left. Furthermore, he or she might see foot tracks around your yard, which could indicate that someone was surveying your home.

Check Inside

You can even request that the security guard who visits your home enters and ensures that everything looks as it should. This inspection isn't just about making sure that no one has attempted to break in; the guard can also look for potential threats, such as a stove being left on or a window not being locked, and rectify these issues. The guard might also ensure that the timers set to control your interior lights are active; for example, if you believe you forgot to set the timers before leaving, share this information with the security company and the guard will look into it for you.