Need Card Access Control Systems? 3 Types to Choose From

Do you want to add a key card access control system to your business? These modern door security systems update the protection throughout any business. But when you do choose a key card system, you have the choice between several ways to physically grant that access. Which is right for your company? Here's what you need to know about smart cards, prox cards, and swipe cards. 

Swipe Cards

Magnetic strip technology is a tried-and-true option for security access. This relatively simple card system — with which most people are familiar — uses magnetic fields to communicate a credential inside the sensor. These magnetic strips can be changed and rewritten as often as your company needs to control access.

The downside of magnetic strips is that they will deteriorate over time and with use. Eventually, they won't be able to communicate well and will need to be replaced. 

Prox Cards

The 'prox' in prox access cards stands for proximity. This type of key card only needs to get close to the readers built into the door lock in order to trigger it with a signal. They can be faster than swipe cards because the preciseness of a swipe system isn't necessary. So if you have high-traffic areas, this card may be the better option.

Prox cards operate using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that communicates between the reader and a chip inside the prox card. Although the RFID technology does limit the distances allowed for usage, it also helps protect the cards from being copied or rewritten. 

Smart Cards

Smart cards take proximity card access to a higher level. The RFID technology is combined with near field communication technology to transmit the triggering data while encrypting it as well. The advantage of smart cards for most companies is that they can hold much more information than either a swipe card or a prox card. The added capacity means improved security from hacking. 

Smart cards are great for a company that wants to include more data on its fobs or cards. This increases the functionality of a card for things like tracking projects, receiving information along with sending it, and using mobile devices as keycards. 

How to Find the Right System

Clearly, many factors are involved in choosing the best card access control methods for your business. These factors include the level of security needed, your security budget, and the needs of users in the system. The best way to evaluate all these factors is to work with a security service, such as Videotec Corporation. Make an appointment today to get started.