Why Do You Need Residential Surveillance In A Home With Kids?

As a parent, you must be vigilant at all times. But what happens when you are away and the kids are home alone? There are external threats to the kids, like burglars. There are also internal risks like fire and predatory nannies. Luckily, you can deploy remote surveillance to monitor what happens in your home. There are several advantages that residential surveillance can offer you when you have a home with kids.

Deter Criminals

Sometimes people who know your home become a threat. For example, if a predatory neighbor knows you have teenagers in the house, they can take advantage of your absence to carry out their malicious intentions. There is a more serious risk from people who intentionally target your home because they know it is relatively unprotected.

Residential surveillance systems are very effective in deterring crime. External cameras at the gate, doors, and windows are useful in deterring external threats. Today's internet-connected security cameras can monitor up to 270 degrees wide-angle and have night vision to see in the dark. There are motion-activated cameras that will send an alert and start recording when there is an intruder. The camera at the door will alert you whenever there is someone at the door, even friends. You can respond to threats remotely and respond quickly to keep your children safe when threats materialize. 

Monitor Child Safety 

You need peace of mind that your children at home are safe, even when you have a trustworthy nanny. Security cameras monitoring spaces in the house will show you what the nanny does when you are away. One option you can install are tiny spy cameras. Many parents have saved their children from predatory nannies because of what they see on their cameras. You can also install a nanny camera at the baby's bed to monitor the baby's behavior and intervene when you suspect there is trouble. 

Monitor Children Activities 

Children and teens can get into risky activities. For example, teens can get into parties with drugs and alcohol. Young children can be tempted to play cooking games with real fire in the kitchen. There can even be fights in the house. Residential surveillance will enable you to see these harmful activities and take timely interventions. 

Are you worried about the safety of your children when you are away? Talk to a security systems provider about residential surveillance systems that can work best in your home. For more information, contact a company like All Pro Security.