5 Key Features To Look For In Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Budget concerns are usually a big concern when choosing outdoor cameras, as outdoor units tend to be more expensive than indoor cameras. But you should make more considerations besides money to get suitable outdoor home security cameras for your home's security needs. There are key features that you shouldn't miss in a functional outdoor security camera today.

1. Weather Resistance

Outdoor home security cameras should be weatherproof and capable of operating in extreme outdoor conditions. Of course, this feature isn't as important if you plan to install outdoor home security cameras under a roof overhang where they will encounter little rain, snow, or wind. But look for outdoor home security cameras rated at least IP65 (protected against water jets) if outdoor home security cameras are exposed to the elements.

2. High Camera Resolution

High-resolution outdoor home security cameras produce the clearest images. Outdoor home security cameras are generally sold in two resolutions: 720p (1280 x 720) or 1080p (1920 x 1080). But there are higher resolutions if you have the budget. You can get up to 4K resolution with clarity almost as good as your TV.

The resolution you choose will depend on your budget and how far away the outdoor home security cameras are to focus. The trick is to balance clarity and budget.

3. Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ)

With the PTZ function, you can move the outdoor home security camera's lens to focus on a specific area. This feature is very useful if you want to keep an outdoor home security camera focused on a nearby sidewalk, front porch, or other areas. You can follow a suspicious character as they move in your home's vicinity.

4. Infrared Night Vision

Infrared night vision allows you to see in the dark, making it easier to spot potential intruders in low light. Most outdoor home security cameras have infrared (IR) sensors that automatically turn on the night vision function when it gets dark. 

5. Smartphone App

With a security camera's mobile app, you can view outdoor footage straight from your smartphone. Today, home security cameras have apps available for both Android and Apple iOS devices, so look for outdoor home security cameras with apps that will work on the mobile device(s) you use. Also, you can view and control the cameras remotely from the app over the internet, keeping your home secure from wherever you are.

Are you looking to set up a robust home security system resistant to external threats? Talk to a security systems supplier about options for outdoor home security cameras.