Adding Access Control To Your Existing Security System

Security systems allow you to secure a property when you are not there. However, adding features to monitor the building and surrounding area while you are on the property can also be vital. An access control system can add an entire additional layer of security that you may need or want.

Access Control

An access control system serves one function: to ensure only people who should be on the property or in a building get in. There are many different systems that use keypads that require a code or card access control systems that require the user to scan a badge to unlock the door. 

The card systems are very effective and allow the system administrator to add or remove cards from the system with a few keystrokes at the computer. A web-based card access control system allows your administrator to log into the system even when they are away from the property. 

If there is a problem with a card or you need to quickly restrict someone's access, logging in and making the change quickly can be vital if you are trying to head off a problem and stop someone from getting through security immediately. At the same time, if someone needs more access inside the property, you can add it from the software quickly and efficiently.

Adding Access Points

An access control system typically controls the locks on doors in and around your facility. If each access point has a lock that requires scanning to get through, it is difficult for someone to defeat the system because they need to override each door lock separately. The card access control system makes that challenging because the doors are not linked, so to hack the system, someone would need to get access to your software and then change each lock or create an access card to use at each door. 

Both would trigger a warning in the system, and the administrator can quickly remove the permissions when necessary. While the web-based card access control system is potentially easier to hack into, there are ways for the software to be locked down, and the company providing the system can help you ensure your system is secure.

High Security

For companies with high-security areas, the card access control system may require scanning the card and entering a pin code to open specific doors. The system can be used with cameras, additional locks, and many other security products that will make entry to the property difficult for anyone that is not supposed to be there. 

Talk to your security provider about adding an access control system to your existing security program, and they can help you set everything up to ensure your property is locked down when necessary.