Considerations When Choosing Commercial Lighting For Security Purposes

An important part of a security plan for most businesses is how to implement lighting to deter crime. Security lighting can be an effective means of protecting business property if properly utilized, but it can also be a waste of resources or even a hindrance if poorly planned. Below are several considerations when using lighting in a commercial environment and how you can provide the best possible security: Lighting may not always be needed Read More 

3 Tips For Securing Your Home

Whether you are planning to purchase a professional home security system or are considering a do-it-yourself approach, there many features available to improve security. By finding the right combination of security features, you can feel more confident that your home is protected. Find A Balance In Camera Features Security cameras remain one of the most useful security features you can have. Unfortunately, there can be a trade-off between camera resolution and storage of recordings. Read More 

Three State-Of-The-Art Security Features You Should Consider

Home security has come a long ways from the days when a bright porch light, a strong deadbolt, and perhaps a big dog in a fenced yard were considered the ultimate in home protection. Technology has changed our lives for the better in a variety of ways, and options concerning home security are no exception. Perhaps best of all, we now have the ability to custom-design our own security systems to meet the personal needs and preferences of our households. Read More 

5 Mistakes That Could Jeopardize Your Home’s Security During Your Vacation

Vacation time is the time of the year when your home is most susceptible to burglary. Even if you have a high-tech security system in your home, the fact that your home is vacant will make it a tempting target for burglars. However, you can protect your home while you're away and minimize the chances of burglary by avoiding the following five security mistakes before you leave for your trip: Read More 

Building Fire Hose Care Tips

Fire hoses can be a vital part of your building's safety and security system. Some hoses are meant for use by the building tenants, while other hoses are specifically placed for emergency workers. Extinguishers are available for immediate use for small fires, while a hose gives emergency workers instant access to a large amount of water without having to hook up or haul their own hoses into the building. This is especially necessary in large or tall buildings where hoses from the truck may not reach a fire deep inside the building. Read More