Ask Your Security Company’s Guard To Perform These Checks During Each Visit

While a home security system with cameras, motion detectors, and sensors on your doors and windows can keep your home secure whether you're home or away from home, many security companies also employ a team of security guards who can further increase your security. Depending on the package you pay for, part of the service provided by the company might be to dispatch a guard to drive past or walk around your home when you're away on vacation. Read More 

The Best 3 Access Control Methods For Your Industrial Business

Most industrial businesses use very expensive equipment that they want to restrict access to in order to ensure that only those individuals with the right training and expertise are around said equipment. Many industrial businesses also have trade secrets that they don't want others to access. If either of the two statements above describe your industrial business, you are going to want to use an access control method to protect access to your business. Read More 

Partner With Your Neighbor To Look After Each Other’s Homes In These Ways

When you're away from your home, having your home security system turned on is the best thing you can do to reduce your risk of a break-in. Having a sign or sticker that displays your security company's logo can be enough to dissuade a burglar from targeting your home, whether you're simply at work or whether you're out of the country on a week-long vacation. Beyond this system, it's useful to form an alliance with a trusted neighbor; when you're away, the person can look after your home, and vice-versa. Read More 

Considerations When Choosing Commercial Lighting For Security Purposes

An important part of a security plan for most businesses is how to implement lighting to deter crime. Security lighting can be an effective means of protecting business property if properly utilized, but it can also be a waste of resources or even a hindrance if poorly planned. Below are several considerations when using lighting in a commercial environment and how you can provide the best possible security: Lighting may not always be needed Read More 

3 Tips For Securing Your Home

Whether you are planning to purchase a professional home security system or are considering a do-it-yourself approach, there many features available to improve security. By finding the right combination of security features, you can feel more confident that your home is protected. Find A Balance In Camera Features Security cameras remain one of the most useful security features you can have. Unfortunately, there can be a trade-off between camera resolution and storage of recordings. Read More