5 Key Features To Look For In Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Budget concerns are usually a big concern when choosing outdoor cameras, as outdoor units tend to be more expensive than indoor cameras. But you should make more considerations besides money to get suitable outdoor home security cameras for your home's security needs. There are key features that you shouldn't miss in a functional outdoor security camera today. 1. Weather Resistance Outdoor home security cameras should be weatherproof and capable of operating in extreme outdoor conditions. Read More 

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Security Camera Systems

Are your security cameras working as expected? It is not enough to install security cameras. You must install good quality cameras and place them where they can be effective in surveillance. When used optimally, security camera systems are very effective in deterring and reporting threats. How can you optimize security cameras on your property? Buy the Right Equipment It begins with buying the right equipment. You must take into consideration where you need to place your cameras. Read More 

Why Do You Need Residential Surveillance In A Home With Kids?

As a parent, you must be vigilant at all times. But what happens when you are away and the kids are home alone? There are external threats to the kids, like burglars. There are also internal risks like fire and predatory nannies. Luckily, you can deploy remote surveillance to monitor what happens in your home. There are several advantages that residential surveillance can offer you when you have a home with kids. Read More 

Need Card Access Control Systems? 3 Types to Choose From

Do you want to add a key card access control system to your business? These modern door security systems update the protection throughout any business. But when you do choose a key card system, you have the choice between several ways to physically grant that access. Which is right for your company? Here's what you need to know about smart cards, prox cards, and swipe cards.  Swipe Cards Magnetic strip technology is a tried-and-true option for security access. Read More